Welcome to the online portfolio of Surrey based landscape photographer Peter Cook.

I am an outdoor photographer covering both the wider view and the closer more intimate view.    

The wonder of the land and the complex way light reveals it, is what keeps me motivated and makes photography such a joy. I simply enjoy being outside making photographs and even if I am not successful, just being there lifts my spirits.

While the light either side of sunrise and sunset are often considered the magic hours, don’t limit your photography to those times. Depending on the time of year and conditions, wonderful light can happen throughout the day - respond to the light, try and produce a photograph that suits the light that you are given. It might be different to what you planned but you might surprise yourself.

Light plays a crucial part in photography and learning how to make the best use of it is a never-ending process.

Photography is all about Seeing the Light.

If you are interested in any of the work you see, or have any questions or comments           please contact me at  seeingthelight.photography@gmail.com